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  • It is a well-known fact that Air Pollution kills. It is also a not as well-known fact that the air inside your home can become more toxic than the air outside of your home, which is why it’s beneficial to occasionally open a window for fresher air.

    Each and every breath that you take in life is potentially saturated with toxins whether it be from airborne industrial waste, cigarette smoke, automobiles, wildfires, pollen, household dust, household cleaners, shedding pets, formaldehyde from new furniture, etc.

    Since the beginning of time the potential negative health impact of eating from unwashed dishes has never been disputed although seemingly no one gives thought to the fact that the very same mold and bacteria that attaches itself to unclean dishes and makes us sick first arrives within the currents of air that is flowing throughout the home.

    Therefore, logic dictates that it is just as important to have an effective air cleaning system in your home as it is to wash your dishes before you reuse them.

    If you suspect that there may be mold somewhere in your home you can be certain that it arrived traveling on the currents of air that is moving throughout the interior of your home.

    If you see something that resembles mold on any of the surfaces of your home a laboratory analysis can easily confirm the level of potential threat it could present to your health, and an Interior Air Quality Test is likely the most reliable way to analyze and confirm the quality of air that is being generated by your current Environmental Control System “HVAC”.